2014 Seminars

Creating an Effective Internship Program

10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.


Karen Pelletier, Director of Higher Education-Business Partnerships, Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Jaye Girouard, Volunteer Consultant, Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce

Learn about a new partnership between the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce: Internhub.com.

Jaye Girouard and Karen Pelletier will discuss how to build a sustainable and productive internship program. If your company is looking to start or improve an internship program, this session will give you the tools and information you need.

Communication 2.0: Building deeper relationships more quickly


Michael Flippin, Vice President, Sandler Training by SaleFish LLCmike-flippin

Some people are excellent communicators while many others have to work on it. Many people are good at making people comfortable, but for some that’s not very natural.

This  session will explore the overly used and often abused topic of building rapport. How to make people feel more comfortable? Do they trust us? Are we truly listening or just “doing” listening?

Learn what “rules” we have to break in order to understand our own style to help build deeper and long-lasting relationships.