2013 Seminars

One Door Closes: Overcoming Adversity By Following Your Dreams

11:15 am   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  A

What do you want to do right now – so that you don’t regret not doing it twenty years from now? Based on their new book, “One Door Closes: Overcoming Adversity By Following Your Dreams,” (to be released October 1, 2013) Tom and Jared of The MotivAct Group, will take you on a journey of self-discovery, share self-motivational tips and techniques, and self-assessment tools to guide the audience on their own personal and professional journeys as you learn how to live into your dreams with vision, courage, determination and passion. Unlock your true potential and be inspired! Book signing to follow presentation

Presenters: Tom Ingrassia, President and Jared Chrudimsky, Vice President of The MotivAct Group

Tom is a motivational speaker, success & business coach, writer and musicologist and travels the country with his motivational programs. Today, he represents a roster of more than a dozen eclectic musicians, actors and composers. Along the way, he has worked with some of the legendary singers from the 1960s, including Mary Wilson (The Supremes). His clients include the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum; State University of New York; Association for Continuing Higher Education; and the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity. (www.motivactgroup.com)

Jared is also the owner of Revitalize Massage Therapy®. He received his massage training from Northern Lights School of Massage in Minneapolis. . He has worked as a massage therapist with several college and semi-professional sports teams, including Florida State, MacCalester College, Worcester State University; Jared is part of a team that evaluates massage therapy programs nationwide for accreditation.


Web Marketing in 2013 for Small and Local Business Owners

11:15 am   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  B

You may have often wondered why some businesses show up effortlessly in search engines, yet your website seems stuck at the bottom of the results. And you might get dozens of emails a week from “SEO” companies who claim they can get your website to the top. They feel like snake oil traps, because sadly, they are! The good news is that there is actually such a thing as doing “SEO” the right way – safely and with sustainability – and that will make your website and online presence better for customers.

This session will give you actionable tips to improve your visibility in local search results – things you can implement right away. We’ll cover everything from formatting the content on your website correctly, to making sure your business is listed properly across the web, and obtaining and managing reviews. There will be time for Q&A so bring your questions and ask Dan your specific business and website.

Presenter: Dan Shure, Owner / Consultant Evolving SEO

Dan Shure has worked with start-ups, e-commerce sites, bloggers, small businesses and everything in between. Dan has also been an SEOmoz Associate since 2012, an active member of SEMNE and at many of the search marketing events around New England. His passions and specialties with the field of SEO are — forensic SEO, WordPress SEO, ranking/indexation studies, content/social media strategy and technical strategy.


Pros and Cons: Choosing the Right Technology for Your Business

1:30 pm   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  D

PC or Mac? Cloud or server? VoIP or traditional phone? Get the facts about the latest IT options for your business. Be part of an interactive presentation where you will learn the pros and cons of these technologies and offer insights into how to choose the right technology and network for your business.

Presenter: Jamie Stafslien, President, Complete Technology Resources

Jamie’s expertise comes from nearly 15 years of building, designing and fixing computers and networks. With a bachelor’s degree in information technology (IT) from Herzing University, he began his career in “Geek mode” by helping consumers and businesses solve computer and network problems at a large national organization. Jamie launched his own company in 2010 -Complete Technology Resources (CTR). Within its first year, CTR acquired two telephone system companies, launched an online store with 175,000+ products, and grew the client base from 20 to nearly 100 businesses.


Cheating Death by PowerPoint: 5 Tips for Great Presentations

3 pm   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  C

If you’re creating PowerPoint presentations with lots of bullet points, confusing graphics, complicated tables, and too much text, you might not be communicating as well as you think.

This seminar gives you the skills you need to become a better presenter, even if you don’t know anything about graphic design or marketing. By learning just five, easy to implement tips, you will create better, more effective PowerPoint presentations.

Presenter: Laura Foley, Creative Director Laura M. Foley Design

Laura is a graphic designer and creative thinker who helps her clients to effectively communicate their messages. She has developed creative presentations for many clients, including Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Juniper Networks, Harvard Business School, Eloqua, Polaris Venture Partners, and Atlas Venture.


Linkedin For Business: Tips for Leveraging LinkedIn to Grow your Business

11:15 am   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  C

Twitter and Facebook are both extremely valuable marketing tools for your business. Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is a social networking site that is geared more toward professional business networking. This seminar will guide you through the process of ensuring that you properly use LinkedIn to grow your connections resulting in more business.

Presenter: Matt Ward, President and CEO inConcert Web Solutions, Inc.

With experience as a software quality assurance analyst, Internet services professional, and entrepreneur working for and with a Who’s Who list of major regional and national companies, Matt is a web and social media expert, thought leader, and sought-after speaker. He has delivered informative how-to presentations at a wide range of events, and is a frequent contributor and is sought after for commentary by many local and regional publications and professional organizations.


Overcoming Personal Roadblocks to Career Success

1:30 pm   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  A

Are you unclear about which career direction to take? Are you struggling to find work? Do you fear making a career change? Personal roadblocks, such as lack of clarity, fear, and limiting beliefs, may be getting in your way. Learn how to identify and address these roadblocks to achieve greater career success and satisfaction!

Presenter: Kim Meninger Certified Career Coach Founder; Great Heights Coaching

Kim offers individual and group coaching to help professionals overcome career obstacles and reach higher levels of career success and writes and speaks regularly about strategies for maximizing career success. Prior to coaching, Kim had a highly successful corporate career managing strategic business partnerships at EMC Corporation and Monster Worldwide. She holds a BA in psychology and an MBA from Boston College. Kim holds career and life coaching certifications from the Life Purpose Institute and is a CCE Board Certified Coach.


Know Your Audience: How to Waste all of Your Resources in the Digital Marketplace

3 pm   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  B

The digital landscape changes itself constantly and many small businesses are tempted to try to keep up with each iteration of trends. This distraction is futile, detrimental and beyond our control. This seminar will walk you through the evolution of advertising media in the hopes of identifying where your company’s audience is and how to efficiently reach them.

Presenter: Luke M. Vaillancourt Director, Digital Marketing Vaillancourt Folk Art

Luke is the Director of Digital Marketing at his family’s business, Vaillancourt Folk Art in Sutton, MA. He runs and owns WorcesterScene.com—an “accurate, comprehensive, and unbiased listing of all Worcester businesses that serve food, mix drinks, and further the arts” Luke freelances digital marketing strategies and web development for businesses around the nation in the financial, hospitality, non-profit and retail industries.

Luke graduated with a Masters of Science from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY and is the author of Marketing4Digital: A Guide to Print Markets (Advertising), (PIA/GATFPress, 2007) and Interactivity in Advertising: The Key to Furthering Advertising Effectiveness, (Rochester Institute of Technology, 2006).


What Makes a Leader? How You Can Lead from Anywhere in Your Organization

3 pm   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  A

Very few of us will be CEO of an organization, but that doesn’t mean we don’t lead. The traditional definition of leadership was a high-ranking position and the authority that went with it. Today’s organizations need different leadership than the old “command and control” model; we each need to act like leaders, whatever our role. As organizations grow more complex, no one knows it all; we owe it to ourselves and our workplaces to know our areas of strength and influence those around us. This session will take the mystery out of what it takes to lead, from anywhere in your organization.

Presenter: Cheryl Coonahan, Principal, Fulcra

Cheryl has more than twenty-five years of experience managing, consulting, and training in private sector and nonprofit organizations with expertise in strategic planning, change management, team development, leadership development and customized facilitation and has led teams ranging from 5-150 people. She is an instructor for Boston University’s Corporate Education Group, leading workshops on leadership, change management, intercultural training, productivity, communication, and other topics.


Fraud 101: An Overview for the Business Person

11:15 am   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  D

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, it is estimated that 5% of annual revenues are lost each year due to fraud. When applied to the GDP, that’s more than $750 billion in losses each year! There is certainly no shortage of news reports to support this statistic. This presentation will provide the business leader a brief tutorial on what constitutes fraud, what it costs organizations, and what can be done to prevent this ever growing business epidemic.

Presenter: Phil Benvenuti, Director of Internal Audit and Forensic Services, Stowe & Degon, LLC

A Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Fraud Examiner, Phil has more than 20 years of experience in internal auditing, Sarbanes-Oxley consulting, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and fraud investigation, with the majority of his career spent in the insurance industry. Phil helps organizations with risk management solutions, including the design and implementation of an internal audit function, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs, Sarbanes Oxley/Model Audit Rule compliance, and the execution of focused, risk-based audits.

Doing Business in the Latino Market

1:30 pm   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  B

Join us for an engaging discussion with a panel of prominent business leaders aimed at shedding more light on how to successfully do business within the Latino community. This seminar will help your business improve its connectivity and understanding of the Latino consumer and business owner. The panel will discuss consumer trends, cultural do’s and don’ts, marketing strategies, business development, networking tips all from their unique experiences. This will be an interactive workshop as panelists will be prepared to engage the audience and answer questions. Be prepared for an exciting workshop!


MODERATOR: Orlando Rodriguez, Marketbridge    |    Orlando is the founder and Director of Business Development and Marketing for Marketbridge, a boutique style marketing firm that specializes in helping companies achieve success at doing business with the Latino community. Previously he served as the executive director for Centro Las Americas and as the executive director role for ALPFA Boston, a national Latino professional association with over 40 chapters across the country. Orlando is an MBA Graduate from Phoenix University with a concentration in Marketing and Public Relations.


Elvis Jocol


Elvis Jocol, Latino Consumer Market Analyst [Latino consumer and business trends] To provide overview of the Latino market from a national perspective down to how it impacts us here in Central Massachusetts. The overview will focus on the Latino consumer and Latino business owner. Elvis will shed some light on the demographic status, current market trends and other important developments that will help your business improve it’s Latino market strategies.





 Jennier Little Greer:

Jennifer Little-Greer, Certification Director – GNEMSDC. [Supplier Diversity and Inclusion] will tell us about the advantages of being and doing business with a Minority Owned Business (MBE). Jennifer will also discuss how your business can access such opportunities.





Alberto Vasallo lllAlberto-Vasallo

Alberto Vassallo, President/Managing Editor-El Mundo [Broad Media perspective] will share his experiences of doing business in the Latino markets. Alberto will also tell us about the success El Mundo has had working with mainstream business.




Libis Bueno, Founder, President and CTO, Domitek, Inc.


Libis is a successful minority business owner in Worcester Massachusetts. Libis has forged many successful relationships with mainstream businesses. As a minority business owner, Libis is very hands-on, he believes in personal contact, accountability and relationship building, which are staples in the Latino culture. During this panel discussion, Libis will share his experiences of how he has successfully grown his business in the Worcester market and how relationships have played a huge role in his path towards success.



New Tax Laws and Planning to Reduce Your Liability

3 pm   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  D

The American Tax Payer Relief Act of 2012 will impact many tax payers when they file their taxes for 2013. Those who are in a higher tax bracket and those who are business owners, landlords and investors will find that the new law significantly increases their liability.

This presentation will discuss about major changes in the tax laws – effective from January 2013 – and will also offer ideas on how to make changes in your current financial and tax situation that will help reduce the tax liability which otherwise could be significantly high. Personal tax related questions will also be answered so that you are prepared to minimize the impact of it in your personal and/or business tax liability.

Presenter: Satya Mitra, Ph.D., E.A., CFP® , President The Guru Tax & Financial Services, Inc.

Dr Satya Mitra came to USA from India in 1976 and is a tax, financial planning and wealth management expert. He is an Enrolled Agent, Certified Financial Planner and a Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute in Washington, DC.

He serves clients located in more than 20 different states in the USA and also many clients residing abroad. He is an expert in resolving and advising about foreign asset disclosure isuues. Dr Mitra has a profound passion for educating younger generations about tax laws and  the management of personal finances so that they can be financially independent at an early age.

He hosts the radio show of “Tax Talk & Planning” every Saturday on the WTAG radio station in Worcester, MA.

Power of Email Marketing: Best Practices and Strategies for Your Success

1:30 pm   |   3rd Floor Conference Room  C

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In this information-packed seminar you’ll learn how email marketing can help drive your business success.

Discover how communicating with your customers and other interested people on a regular basis can help you stay connected, and generate increased referrals, repeat sales, and unwavering customer loyalty. You’ll learn how to start and build a strong permission-based customer list… get your audience to open, read and act on your email… and use your past results to sharpen your email marketing program as you go along. Learn the latest best practices and proven strategies on:

  • Email Marketing Basics – Discover how permission-based, best-practices email marketing can help you forge strong relationships with your customers, and boost your overall marketing program.
  • Building a Quality Email List – Why permission-based email marketing makes smart sense for your business, with tips for starting, building, and maintaining an effective list of email addresses.
  • Creating Valuable Email Content – Deliver content that’s exciting, meaningful, and relevant… at the right time… in the right format.
  • Getting Email Delivered and Read – Learn about the techniques and technologies that can help get your email get delivered, and the subject lines that will get it opened and read.
  • Learning from your results – See who opened your email and what links they clicked on… and use your findings to shape your next campaign to achieve higher delivery, readership, and response.

Presenter: Alicia L. Williams, founder of Aliste Internet Marketing, an international marketing firm and creator of FLYTE Club, drives results for businesses with effective, current and simplified marketing strategies. With a solid background in Marketing and Public Relations and as an authorized local expert for Constant Contact, Williams captivates audiences from national chambers, higher educational institutions, business talk radio to national conferences.